This past month we really met ourselves coming backwards with puppies galore, to missing dogs, broken legs, damaged eyes and more equine rescues.  Bobby, Billy and Ben our 3 brindles, along with their sibling Sprout, have all been either reserved or rehomed.  They were found without their mother in the campo and all thrived under the care of AAR.  Happy days sweet boys!  

It is nice when we are able to help out other charities and we have in our care a mother and five of her tiny puppies from (FMA).  They have settled in well and mother Holly is a doting mummy who feels very much at home!  

Two of our mastin cross puppies are still available; big, beautiful and with such sweet natures. Mastins really do make great pets.  Both Africa and India are ready to go to a new home. Take a look at our FB page to find out more about them.

Dramas with our dogs too! Not only did 2 of them go missing, but one suffered a freak accident and ended up with a broken leg.  Tiny (60Kg) and Twirl (5Kg) decided to go on an adventure for 5 days. I was totally beside myself with worry.  How can a 60kg dog not be noticed? Nobody had seen a thing until we received a phone call in response to our flyers.  A Spanish man phoned to say he had seen one of them on the road.  I have never moved so quickly and oh, my goodness there they were; smelly, hungry, but so pleased to see us.  That is a day I will never forget!

Our darling little Marmadinky then jumped off the sofa and squealed, just as we were about to go to bed.  We rushed her to the emergency vets at 10pm. Poor little darling had a broken leg and had to have an operation to pin it.  She is doing well, however, the dramas do not stop there!


Following our rescue of 3 equines from the perrera our very spirited little Shetland pony Spirit got into a little altercation with a couple of his buddies and ended up nearly losing his eye.  Off we had to go to the Veterinary Hospital in Alicante where he had to stay for a week.  As usual the vets worked wonders and his eye was saved.  He was also castrated, so now he is calming down and is ready to mix with his buddies again.  He really is super adorable!

Boys will be boys – hoofing about resulted in Spirit nearly loosing his eye. Thank heavens the hospital could save the eye, which is now near perfect. No lasting damage

Please take a look at our FB page to see a few dogs that need that forever home.  

We really have oodles of bargains in both of our shops.  Come along and see us and fill your bags!  Much of the furniture has also been discounted.   
As usual I will be at the Car Park, Camposol B on Mondays from 11.30am-1pm to collect any unwanted clothes, furniture, bric-a-brac, books, cd’s and jewellery. I usually have one or two companions with me.  We also welcome donations at both our shops in Roldan and Mazarron Town from 10.30am-1.30pm.

Andrea x