This is becoming a bit of a regular thing, hmmh, starting articles with sorrow.

Firstly our heartfelt condolences go out to the family of our Treasurer Pedro, who was taken from this world far too early in a tragic accident. Pedro you supported our charity in your own unique way and you will be sadly missed. RIP my friend.

andreas R.I.P. CLOUD

We are an animal rescue, so it is just as hard to write about our beautiful horse Cloud who came to us 2 years ago with severe laminitis. She had a fantastic 2 years in retirement and with special treatment, her condition we thought was under control. Sadly she went downhill and some days she couldn’t even move from her stable and was in terrible pain. We had to make the heartbreaking decision to have her put to sleep. This decision was not taken lightly so our dear, sweet Cloud is galloping free over the Rainbow Bridge. RIP Cloud.

I was in court last month, regarding the 2 starving ponies Maya and Dinkydoo. I can’t reveal too much at the moment, but I have faith in the Spanish system and believe justice will be served. A big thank you to Mary our translator who has worked tirelessly on our behalf. What a change for Maya. She now has a very different life in France. What a lucky girl and nothing less than she deserves. Once again a huge thank you to both Jane Durrent and Hannah North for your involvement in rehoming Maya and her companion Nacho.

Please no more sad stories!

andreas Poor Toby , after a week in hospital he was allowed home with more medication than the pharmacy )) we hope he continues to improveToby is the little boy who was a walking skeleton with a whole host of medical problems; lack of muscle, fat and hair. He is about 2 years old and has probably been living rough and surviving on I don’t know what for most of those 2 years. He has leish and this is causing him a few problems. However, in 3 weeks he has put on 2 kilos, has had a personality transplant and is loving life. He has lots of hurdles to get over, but, this boy is going nowhere. He is my special little man. Thank you so much for all your generous donations towards his medical expenses.

andreas image3We have our Christmas Cards in and they are fabUlous. Please help support us by buying a pack or 3 for your special friends. They are the same price as last year, but you get 50% more. There are 10 in a packet with 3 different designs, emblazoned with our logo on the back and are only 4.50€ a pack. Ring, email, whatsapp or call in to either of our shops or ask any of our volunteers and we will have them to you in a flash!! We can send them anywhere for a little postage. Take a look at our FB page to see the different designs.

As usual I will be on Camposol Car Park B, every Monday from 11.30am-1.30pm. We will gratefully receive unwanted clothes, bric-a-brac, books, household items and I will be happy to bring you up to date with any of our rescues. Alternatively you can drop donations off at either of our two shops in Roldan or Mazarrón Town 10.30am-1.30pm.

Andrea x