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Ten percent

I have been consciously working with a 10 percent money rule for a couple of years now and have to say that for me it works!  The principle is easy – ten percent of your income is put on one side and never touched, as it represents how you value yourself.  Money is energy after all and has its own vibration!  Following this rule, you place yourself before the bills and taxes you need to pay and all the pulls that others place on your income and signal to the Universe that your sense of self-worth is number one.

When I first started following this rule I have to admit it was tough – money was tight and every single cent was counted, but as I got into the habit of doing this, I realised that I didn’t actually miss the money I was saving as a little more money was coming to me.  Then I thought, OK – how about putting another ten percent on one side as savings for something special – holiday, gifts for the kids, a new handbag, whatever!  Again, I didn’t miss the extra money I was saving and had a lot of fun spending it!

April is my birthday month and so what I would like to do is to go another step forward and share the love.  Presents are such great energy!  I am doing what I love – teaching – and have scheduled a Reiki 1 and a Reiki 2 course during the month and will give ten percent of my income from these two courses to local charities, if you quote this article to me when you book your place.  I have a couple of charities in mind, but if you do one or both courses and have a specific cause that is dear to your heart, then let me know.

What could be better energy than learning Reiki AND applying a ten percent rule?! 

You can find out more about the courses through my Facebook page – just do a search for Omkoko111 or email me at kathy@omkoko.com

Kathy Howarth


Reiki Master Teacher

Karuna Ki Master Teacher

Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner