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As the heat slowly dissipates and Autumn approaches we will see the ‘snow birds’ returning for their winter in Spain. The summer holiday visitors will have gone and the Mar Menor region adjusts to the changes and ‘slows down’ to a more leisurely pace. Soon we will be saying “Where has time gone? Another year is nearly over!”

Mar Menor Church responds to the seasonal changes as well and all too soon we will be talking about our plans for Christmas!

We are looking forward to quite a number of our congregation returning from summer in the UK, as well as meeting new people finding us for the first time. We look forward even more to people who are looking to return to their faith or finding it for the first time.

Our growing years makes us more aware of how short our time here might be. It is sad as we look back over the last year and see how many friends and acquaintances are no longer with us, or have had to make big changes to cope with illness.

We start our new season of the ‘English Speaking Branch’ of the Alpha Centre at 10am on 9th September. Our Spanish friends join us for coffee and cake at 11.30am and they have their service later.

We will be starting a series of talks studying 2 Corinthians, which could easily be titled ‘A spiritual health warning to the Church!’ Many of the things Paul had to deal with in writing this letter to the Church in Corinth in 55 AD are so similar to what the wider Church in 2018 AD needs to hear.

We are a friendly bunch of people at Mar Menor Church; more elderly (in body not mind!) than young, from different backgrounds and denominations. The concept that binds us together is One Father, One Jesus, One Holy Spirit and the desire to do what the Bible teaches – Love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and love your neighbour as yourself.

Come and join us. There are more details on our website www.marmenorchurch.org or email info@marmenorchurch.org