BREXIT was the main topic when Sara Munsterhjelm, Vice Consul in Alicante, visited ADAPT to give an informative talk on the role of the British Consulate in Spain.

adapt 20160702 111230High on the agenda were the concerns of British Expats since the Referendum.

Sara reassured everyone that there was no need to panic, that nothing would immediately change and certainly not for at least two years. While it is impossible to speculate at the moment Sara informed us that the Spanish Prime Minister has said that he will respect the outcome.

adapt 20160702 113909 (1)Concerns about Healthcare, Passports, Residency, Work Permits and Spending Power were addressed in a questions and answers session and Sara, who has worked for 8 years at the Consulate, explained to us just what support can and cannot be given by the British Consulate.  She informed us that advice can be obtained from the British Consulate Alicante website.

Other items on the agenda were interesting facts about the difference between the British Consulate and the British Embassy, Emergency Passports, Registering Births and Deaths and Arrests and Imprisonment in Spain.

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