A thousand triathletes will be participating next Saturday May 18 in Puerto de Mazarrón in the 30th edition of the Fuente Álamo Triathlon. The departure will take place at 16:45 hours at the beach of El Rihuete.

Patricio Sánchez, Councillor for Sports of the City of Mazarrón, visited Fuente Álamo to present one of the most outstanding sporting events of the annual calendar in the Region of Murcia. The event also opens as an international event with participants from countries such as Venezuela, Hungary and New Zealand.

Among the details of this year highlights is the high female participation, with 240 participants. In addition, on the starting line will be the 100 best triathletes in the ranking of the Federation. The competition will gather around 4000 people in Mazarrón.

The test begins very close to the Canal de Nado in Aguas Abiertas in Puerto de Mazarrón. After 750 metres of swimming, the participants will start the cycling test of 25 kilometers with a vertical drop of 325 metres with ascent to the Alto de La Cuesta before arriving at Fuente Álamo where the participants will start the race on foot of 5 kilometers.

The presentation of the sporting event also had the presence of the Mayor of Fuente Álamo, Antonio Jesús García; the Councillor for Sports of the City Council of Fuente Álamo, Marisa Cifo; the President of the Naval and Marine Technology Centre, José Luis Martínez; the spokesperson of the sponsor Melones El Abuelo, David Martínez and the Sports Director, Ginés Bermúdez.